10 beginners drum beats with 2 beat drum fills exercises - PDF Download

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The structure for these drum exercises is: One and a half bar of a drum beat, then half a bar drum fill - and repeat.

These drum exercises are for practicing drum beats and fills, similar to what you would do in a song environment, by playing the drum fills before and after drum beats.

The exercises have been limited to 2 bars, with a single repeat, so that the drum beats and drum fills are practiced fairly equally, rather than playing the drum beat for longer like in a song. Therefore the skill of playing the beat for longer and counting bars like 7 and a half, or 15 and a half before playing the fill is not being exercised here, but should be practiced another time.

Drum teachers could use the PDF download to print off sheets for their beginner students up to grade 1 or grade 2, but even grade 3 could find these useful and challenging by playing them very quickly.

For a variation on the drum beats, you could swap the hi hats for a ride cymbal, or even a floor tom. You could also add in open hi hats (or ride bells) for quick drum beat variations.

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