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4 snare drum exercises

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Here are 4 snare drum exercises. There are two in 4/4 and two in 3/4 time signatures, and two include buzz rolls.

There are audio examples for each snare exercise to help you. Master each rhythm by repeating it constantly for some time.

snare xmas piece 1.mp3
snare xmas piece 2.mp3
snare xmas piece 3.mp3
snare xmas piece 4.mp3

Each of these snare drum patterns were created quickly for a snare drum group to accompany orchestral pieces. The group of drummers were all able to follow the rhythms without having the sheet music, so it would be possible to teach these withput the notation. I think the notation is important for drummers to understand even if they don't need it because it serves as a good reminder for when the tutor is not there to help.

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