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8 drum warm up exercises with number patterns and subdivisions

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Essentially, these exercises on the drum notation are for grade 5-8 players, but the actual concept of the exercises can be used by everyone. By reading the list of exercise below, you can begin to see clearly how easy they are. Drum teachers could use the idea of these to beginners, but ignoring the subdivision values and speed changes. They are good warm up exercises for a wide range of abilities.

The ability level would be measured on timing and speed, which is why drummers of all abilities can play this sheet at their own pace. While this is true, these exercises are grade 5 and above due to the reading element of the sheet, and playing the subdivisions correctly (including getting faster as the subdivisions get smaller).

The 8 Warm Up Exercises: Based on a drum setup with snare, tom 1, tom 2, and floor tom

Each exercise should be repeated as necessary, and could be started slowly and speeded up on repeat.

  1. Play 2 hits on each drum
  2. Play 3 hits on each drum
  3. Play 4 hits on each drum
  4. Play 6 hits on each drum
  5. Play 8 hits on each drum
  6. Play 2 hits on the snare, 4 hits on tom 1, 6 hits on tom 2, and 8 hits on the floor tom
  7. Play 3 hits on the snare, 6 hits on tom 1, 9 hits on tom 2, and 12 hits on the floor tom
  8. Play 4 hits on the snare, 8 hits on tom 1, 12 hits on tom 2, and 16 hits on the floor tom

Full notation is available in the free PDF download.

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