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A Research Topic about Drums by Poppy, Aged 9

A pupil of mine was telling me about a topic in school that she wrote drums about, and I thought it would be great to share it on my drum blog as there is quite a lot of researched information.

January 12th 2017

Research a topic and talk about it for a small amount of time


Hello my name is 'Miss Know It All'. Today I'm going to tell you all about drums.

Did you know the drums are the second oldest instrument? Drums are the best forms of exercise for musicians. There are 5 different drums on the kit; snare, tom 1, tom 2, floor Tom and bass drum. On the drums you can make different rhythms and you can bang it as hard as you want. The cymbals on the drums are crash, bell, ride, hi hats and splash. All the cymbals make a different noise.

To play the drums you can use your hands or drumsticks. Drum sticks make a better rhythm and hands make it louder, however they don't make a great rhythm. (EDIT: hands are usually used for percussion. Sticks are definitely louder than hands!)

Do you ever know that drums are a percussion instrument, which means it makes a noise when you hit it? You may not know, but drums are used for different kinds of music like rock, jazz, country, blues, folk, classic and pop. Each drum that's on the kit makes a completely different sound. Drums are used to keep a steady beat. It is known that drums can make a song slower or faster.

The alligator drum is the oldest drum to be discovered in the whole world. The drums have carried the same shape for so many years, however the sounds of them have changed over the years. The most extraordinary things about drums as that before the late 1950s all of the drums on a drum kit were made out of animal skin such as alligator and crocodile skins.

A modern drum kit was formed in the 1930s. It is true that the first mediaeval drum kits were created in the 1700s. Percussion instruments have been used since prehistoric times. Did you know that drums can clear all the stress out of you by banging as hard as you want? You can also play the drums when you walk with a strap around you. Drumming burns more calories in a half an hour session then cycling hiking and weightlifting.

Skills that every modern drummer needs to have are limb independence, hand coordination and a good sense of rhythm. Drummers have to use all 4 of their limbs to play different drums. The bass drum makes the lowest sounding beat on the drum kit. Did you know that drums are the most important part of the rhythm section of any band? You can have different kinds of drums and the most often seen ones are electronic and traditional drum kits. The person who invented drums is unknown. Drums come in all different shapes and sizes - orchestras, concert bands, and jazz bands. The alligator drum was completely made out of alligator skins.

Amazingly, there are 64 drums and the drums we use the most are; Snare, Bass (or ‘Kick’), Tom 1, Tom 2, and Floor Tom. One percussion drum is called a hand drum the hand drum and is used with the hands not a drum stick. Snare drums are in marching bands. When snare drums are in marching bands they are called sides drums because you play them on the side. Did you know many percussion drums are found in Africa? Did you know popular drum manufacturer Ludwig became famous for his first foot pedal? Have you ever known that drums are a large part in big orchestras?

Drums a good thing to learn and play the reason why I know a lot about drums as I have a drum kit and a drum book. I have loads of fun making new weapons also you can do what you want on the drum kit there is so much to learn.

By Poppy, Aged 9.

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