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Counting bars exercises using crash cymbals and a basic drum beat with repeats

Ever forget how many bars of music you have played? This is how to count bars and sections like 2 bars, 4 bars and 8 bars, and also to develop a feeling for 16 bars on the final exercise. You could repeat the 3rd exercise 4 times to get a feeling of 32 bars of music.

These exercises will help you to build your subconscious internal recognition of how many bars have passed. All you need to do is go through these exercises separately, and this will happen. At first you will need to count hard, but as you do these exercises more often, you will start to build up a feeling of when a bar has passed, or when 4 bars have passed etc.

I have kept the drum beat simple so that you can just focus on the counting, but of course you could try any drum beats with these, and improvise while you play through them.

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