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Drum Beats Using RLLRLLRL Sticking Pattern - Free PDF

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You may have tried playing a paradiddle (RLRRLRLL) as a drum beat before. There are so many paradiddle exercises you can do, because it's the most popular sticking rudiment, and is the go to rudiment for countless drum lessons, drum clinics, and drum workshops. Let's try something different!

While this sticking RLLRLLRL is nothing new, these drum beats probably are ones that have not been played that often, because I wrote them a few weeks ago for some drum lessons based on this sticking pattern. Beginners were able to play these fairly easily, and they were a fun way of introducing a new sticking pattern.

The first 4 exercises are the same as the last 4, apart from playing a ride bell (the symbol that looks like a diamond shape). This is just one creative concept that could be applied to the drum beats. This pattern would also work well with drum fills.

Advanced players should focus on playing these fast using the 'double stroke technique'. See video below:

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