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Drum Fill Ideas for Bar 32 of 'Rasta Monkey' - Rockschool Grade 3 Drums

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PDF icon bar-32-drum-fill-rasta-monkey.pdf39.25 KB
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Binary Data bar-32-drum-fill-rasta-monkey.gpx17.29 KB

During a drum lesson it became apparent that my student needed some help with making up drum fills for the Rockschool song we were learning. After listening to the example CD we then had an idea of what Rockschool were looking for and gave us something to work with. I showed her some ideas for making fills based on the example fill by keeping some bits and changing others. I also wanted the fill to lock in with some or all of the guitar backing, which plays on "2 +" and beat 4 in a Reggae style. I have attached a guitar pro file with the guitar backing too.

In the PDF and Guitar Pro files you can see / hear the beats we came up with.

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