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Drum Sheet Music of 'Goldmine' by Revenant Dead

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The drums in this piece start out with a driving floor tom groove, although it should not be played too loud. A mf dynamic is shown (medium loud). The driving sound of accent followed by non-accent can be achieved by using the Moeller technique. This groove is a fairly repetitive, with some bass drum changes. Strangely this section never gets repeated, despite being quite a catchy verse.

The chorus is a fairly easy drum beat, and the driving rhythm continues on the crash cymbal.

Rather than going back for a verse, the song descends into a breakdown, followed by a quick double bass drum groove, which is injected with energy by omitting a few bass drums from the otherwise very straight and basic double kick pattern.

At the end of this section there is quiet, followed by a crescendo drum fill leading into a final chorus.

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