Facebook group for drummers of all ability levels - Share The Knowledge (Drummers Only)

I started this website with the aim of improving the amount of free drum lessons and free drum sheet music online for things like drum beats, drum fills and drumming exercises. One thing I have not managed to do is create an active community. Recently I have been contacted by a drummer who is building a facebook group where drummers can easily share and comment on things like free drum exercises, including sheet music and videos.

Below is a message from the drummer that is in charge of building this new facebook group - please check it out and like the group if you think it will be useful, and/or if you think you might be able to contribute.




My name is Michael and I am introducing a new group for drummers at any level of experience to join and share in a community filled with other drummers.

Firstly I would like to thank Theo at www.learndrumsforfree.com for giving me the opportunity to promote the group through the website. I am a 26 year old drummer (From Melbourne/Australia) playing about 10 years and I currently play at an intermediate level – I have spent many years playing with a closed minded attitude towards the type of music I wanted to play and the amount of effort I was prepared to put in (And I expected to see results- what the?).

Having this close minded approach to drumming held me back years in terms of progression. In order to assist other drummers avoiding this horrible approach - I have created a group for all drummers to share and take anything they can from it. Material including drum exercises, drum sheet music, drum notation, drum techniques, drum tricks, drum grooves, drum rudiments and anything in between, will eventually be available if the community gets involved and “shares the knowledge”, which ironically is the name of the group - “Share The Knowledge (Drummers Only)”.

Search it on Facebook or click the link here:


I look forward to seeing new members and new material!!

Stay Tuned (Literally)

Michael .D

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