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How to print PDF ebooks double sided with a single sided printer

On this website I sell ebooks in addition to the free drum lessons content available. For anyone that has bought and downloaded ebooks, you are free to print them out as needed either for personal use, or for teaching with.

The ebooks can be over 20 pages long, so it makes sense to print double sided or it will be hard to staple them together and it's also quite wasteful of paper.

As an instrumental music teacher, I am constantly printing off these ebooks for my own students. My printer only supports single sided printing. It took me a lot of trial and error to get 2 sided printing set up correctly. I have written out this as a reminder to my self and also for anyone buying the ebooks wishing to print it themselves. I imagine this may help others who find this from a search engine too.

This guide was made using a HP Deskjet 3055A printer.

If Odd Number of Total Pages

  1. Print Odd Pages Only in reverse
  2. Remove final page if odd number of total pages and keep to one side
  3. Print Even Pages Only in reverse
  4. Final odd page can now be added to the end of the printed pages

If Even Number of Total Pages

  1. Print Odd Pages Only in reverse
  2. Print Even Pages Only in reverse
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