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My Drums and Recording a Music Video

Today I recorded drums in a music video and I wanted to share a picture of the kit with you. Even my face to face students never really get to see my real drum kit, as I'm either in schools or students that come for lessons only ever see them stacked in boxes, as we use electric drums for the lessons.

The filming was really fun. I've never done filming for a music video before, despite releasing several albums. Video is so key to a band's exposure now, and so we finally recorded one! It involved travelling to a warehouse somewhere in Birmingham and spending most of the day playing through the song and getting lots of different camera shots. We did individuals too, but as the drummer I had to be in all of them too in the background, so I was kept entertained by drumming for most of the day. Then there were some cut scenes filmed in the latter part of the day and that was it.

You might have noticed a floor tom to the left of where I sit, and you may have also noticed there is no ride cymbal (for those really paying attention to detail). After seeing Korn live recently (and Limp Bizkit), I was inspired by their huge floor tom (or bass drum) on the left hand side, and also I quite like adding the floor tom into grooves, so it is quite practical too to the left of the hi hat. I wasn't planning on having it for the video though - I had left the legs to the second floor tom at home so I had to fashion the stand out of the ride cymbal stand and a clamp! It wasn't the best for the floor tom - I had to tighten it in with the end of the clamp's stand end and a plastic sleeve to help attach it to the floor tom, and wedge some cymbal felts in there so it wouldn't damage the floor tom leg holder too much. I now hope to get a proper stand for the floor tom for future gigs so I can have it on the left of me all the time.

The video ('First To The Last Stand') should be out in about a month on the band's YouTube channel here: Revenant Dead Official YouTube Channel

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