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Rhymes with Accents - Fun Rhythms and Accents - Jelly on a Plate - Humpty Dumpty

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This exercise involves playing the rhythms for 'Jelly on a Plate' and 'Humpty Dumty' on a drum.

As an extra challenge, the words should be said, or shouted out when playing. This can be pretty fun for kids, but just make sure the fun doesn't take over the technique of playing the accents and quieter notes properly. Focus on the drumming as a priority, but also try to shout out the words (especially when played with a group of drummers) and have fun with it.

This works great in small or large groups of drummers playing any drum, or it can be played by one drummer on their own.

These excercises would make good school group performances in primary schools.

  • Challenge 1: To say the rhymes and play the drum rhythm at the same time
  • Challenge 2: To play the > accents loud and the other notes quiet
  • These exercises will help improve rhythm and accent techniques
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