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Virtual Drum Kit - Play drums online using a computer keyboard

Recently I found and really enjoyed playing the virtual drum kit on the garage band iPad app. Since this, I came across more online drum kits on

All you do is go to the website, select your drum kit of choice, and use the keyboard to play the drums with your fingers.

There are many different kits on there that you can play, including Joey Jordinson's virtual drum kit (see below)
and Travis Barker's virtual drum kit.

My favourite for getting started with is the Michael Bland drum kit, which is in the rock section (the main image used for this post).

These online drum kits are great for having a mess around with for fun, or for trying something out when you don't have your kit with you, but i think the best use for this is for people that want to learn the drums but don't have a drum kit yet. Often parents will pay for kids drum lessons to test the water, but avoid investing in a drum kit straight away, so for this scenario the online drum kits are excellent.

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