These 5 practice tests are to help with practicing for grade 3 sight reading on drums. This is aimed at the 2006-12 syllabus, so when this is out of date, you should if the grade 3 sight reading is still snare drum based and in the same sort of format. Update: The 2012-18 syllabus has the same format.

For each test, play the metronome for 4 clicks so you know how fast you will be going. Prepare each exercise in 70bpm, 80bpm and also 90bpm, but you can randomly pick one of those for each exercise you do. Give yourself up to 90 seconds to practice, as it says in the exam book, and then try to play it with the metronome.

Example Test 1

Example Test 2

Example Test 3

Example Test 4

Example Test 5