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This website includes many free and premium file downloads.


We aim to keep our computers and servers free of viruses etc, but we are not responsible for any problems caused by downloading any file(s) from our website. Appropriate security on your own machine or device is your responsibility. When you purchase premium products you will have an account to login and download files; it is your responsibility to maintain a strong password for the website.

File Printing & Downloading terms of use

All content has been created by Theo Lawrence / TL Music Lessons. You are allowed to print free and purchased PDF files or image downloads for both for personal and educational use (including private music teachers and music schools printing off and giving sheets to students), but you are not permitted to digitally distribute the files to others in any way, and any case of this is in breach of copyright unless written permission is given.

You are welcome to promote links to the website (please link to pages, not file downloads). In addition, mp3 files included in purchased or free downloads must not be digitally distributed in anyway, but you are free to use them for personal or educational use.

Please note that Rockschool does not endorse the content tagged with Rockschool Grade Exams, nor offer any form of exclusivity regarding their creation.

File Download Extentions

The following files are available to download:


PDF files contain drum notation that can be used for quick printing. If you don’t have it already, you will need to install the free Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

MP3 Files

MP3 files are audio/music files. These are available to stream for free from the website on some pages, and also as downloads on some of the premium pages.

Guitar Pro Files

Most of the drum music for this website has been made using the notation engraving software called ‘Guitar Pro’. Although primarily used for guitar, it is great for drums and I would encourage other drummers to use it, particularly teachers. There are currently not many guitar pro file downloads due to little demand. Guitar pro files for most pdf files are available on request – just contact us.

jpeg, jpg, png Images

These are found on most of the pages. You are free to use these in the same way as the PDF files. You can use any of the images on your own website to either link to this one or to reference our work – but please do not steal any images and claim them to be your own – this would be a breach of copyright.