File Info

This website includes free file downloads for most of the content.
If you are downloading files, please read the very brief terms of use page.


zip files are used for premium or free downloads when there are a large amount of individual pdf, mp3 or guitar pro files, so it is easier for the user to download everything together. Users will be able to extract the files after download. Please get in contact if you have any problems extracting the files.

Guitar Pro

This website gives away free guitar pro downloads. You need to have a copy of Guitar Pro 6 installed on your computer or device to open the files.

Guitar Pro is a musical software program offering all of the functionalities that all musicians can use.

  • Edit, visualize, and share your scores
  • Learn to play or improve your technique
  • Accompany yourself by creating the instrumental tracks of your choice
  • Enjoy a series of essential tools: scale-validating tool, tuner, metronome, guitar fretboard…


PDF files contain guitar notation that can be used for quick printing, and you won’t need a copy of guitar pro 6 to view it. If you don’t have it already, you will need to install the free Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

MP3 Files

MP3 files are audio/music files. You can download them by right clicking the link and saving to your computer, or just click the link and it will play in your browser.