This is a reference sheet for students of all ages and abilities at whatever stage they are at with their instrument. It’s a handy printable sheet, which could be displayed on a wall at home or in a classroom.

Learn and revise the names of all of the note values and rests and what they look like.

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This sheet is a very useful reference sheet for anyone that wants to read music. As you come across things in your own sheet music and exercises, you can turn to this sheet to check what things mean.

This sheet will help students of most intruments that read music because it is not specific to drums. The sheet includes images or rests and notes, and their modern or classic names, and also the value of the notes or rests.

This can be useful as a reference sheet for students to keep on your computer, phone or tablet, or you can also print it out and stick it on the wall or keep it somewhere handy.