Having visited various rehearsal studios around the UK, I have seen this happen so many times.

I believe that it is a common thought to skimp on buying a bass drum impact pad, and choose gaffa tape instead. Please don’t do this!!

The idea of the pads is to prolong the life of a bass drum skin, by adding an extra layer of material where the bass drum beater hits. The problem with using gaffa tape (aka gaffer tape, duct tape), is that it wears away very quickly and becomes extremely sticky after a day or so of drumming. This then causes your bass drum pedal beaters to stick to the drum when playing and leaves a residue on the beater heads. After the stickiness has worn off, you can play the bass drum like normal again without it being an issue.

In conclusion, putting gaffa tape on a bass drum skin only serves the purpose of wrecking the aesthetics of the bass drum skin, and spoiling the surface of your bass drum pedal beaters, and perhaps prolongs the life of the bass drum head by approximately 1 day.