The exercises on the drum notation are for grade 5-8 players. By reading the list of exercise below, you can begin to see clearly how easy they are. This exercise sheet can be used as a continuous warm up exercise.

The ability level would be measured on timing and speed. All drummers should begin slowly before building up the speed. A metronome is recommended.

The 8 Warm Up Exercises: Based on a drum setup with snare, tom 1, tom 2, and floor tom

Each exercise should be repeated as necessary, and could be started slowly and speeded up on repeat.

  1. Play 2 hits on each drum
  2. Play 3 hits on each drum
  3. Play 4 hits on each drum
  4. Play 6 hits on each drum
  5. Play 8 hits on each drum
  6. Play 2 hits on the snare, 4 hits on tom 1, 6 hits on tom 2, and 8 hits on the floor tom
  7. Play 3 hits on the snare, 6 hits on tom 1, 9 hits on tom 2, and 12 hits on the floor tom
  8. Play 4 hits on the snare, 8 hits on tom 1, 12 hits on tom 2, and 16 hits on the floor tom