You’ll need to be able to read the sheet music to play these funk drum grooves.

These funky beats are versatile and can be played in various scenarios or even different styles of music.

Use these funk drum beats for some new inspiration or ideas for adding flare to basic funk beats.

  1. The first beat adds accents on the hi hat to add some dynamic depth.
  2. The second beat adds in open hi hats – the hi hat should be played with the right hand only (or left if you’re a lefty).
  3. The third beat has quiet drags on the snare, slightly open hi hats and accents, and ghost note skip beats.
  4. The fourth beat has just skip beats and open hi hats.
  5. The fifth beat uses two hands for the hi hats, and the ones with the slashes through are doubled up using the double stroke technique.
  6. The sixth and final beat has a similar style to the third beat.