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10 Drum Solo Performance Pieces Grade 1-3


2. Contents
3. Introduction
4. Grade 1 Drum Solo 1
5. Grade 1 Drum Solo 2
6. Grade 1 Drum Solo 3
7. Grade 2 Drum Solo 1
8. Grade 2 Drum Solo 2
9. Grade 2 Drum Solo 3
10. Grade 3 Drum Solo 1
11. Grade 3 Drum Solo 2
12. Grade 3 Drum Solo 3
13. Grade 3 Drum Solo 4

This 1st Edition ebook was published in 2017 by Theo Lawrence / TL Music Lessons.
Front Cover Artwork Template by RogueSkins. Modified by Theo Lawrence.
Front cover illustration by Rich Orr.

People that might find this book useful

  • Drum teachers can print the book or single sheets for their students
  • Drummers can teach themselves following on from a strong basic foundation in reading and playing
  • Drummers that need to perform for school or competition etc.
  • Building ideas for you own drum solos

Contents Highlights

The 10 pieces are performance pieces for drums, with no backing. They have elements of actual drum solos that you would perhaps find at grade 1-3, but they are extended to be about 1 minute each, so there is more of a mixture of grooves and beats too so that they can be performed without backing instruments and still be interesting.

About the book

The book is split into 3 pieces for each grade, with an extra one for the grade 3 level.

At the moment I teach a lot of primary school students. All of my school teaching is primary, and then I have some older students in the evenings. Some of the primary school students have completed the other books I have written so far at this level, and are ready for a new challenge, so I have prepared this for them. It will be ideal for some of them to perform at their school concerts, as it would for others around the world that download this.

This book will definitely provide new challenges to those that have only followed the first few drum books, because there is much more focus on drum fills. The other books were about 70% beats and 30% fills. This one is about 70% fills and non regular groove playing bits.

Final Thoughts

I really hope this ebook gives young players and novice older players the confidence to perform drum solos. I hope it gives them ideas for making their own solos too. Being good at any instrument is all about the confidence in knowing you can do something. I also hope that the focus on drum fills and drum solos in this ebook will help drummers in their Rockschool exams (other exam boards are available!), when they need to ‘develop’ or ‘cont. sim.’ or ‘drum solo’. I’ve seen drummers shut down at the sight of these things, and it’s vital to break through that. Good luck!

– Theo Lawrence / TL Music Lessons

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