Here in the UK the schools are still open and it’s business as usual but last night I sent out an email asking if parents would be up for skype lessons and the response has be overwhelmingly positive. I’ve made a rule that a parent or guardian must be there for the lessons.

I have been teaching skype lessons successfully for over 3 years, and I currently have a skype Drummer that has just taken her Grade 5 drum exam. All the parents need to do is download the Skype app on their smart phone for free and the calls are free.

If we don’t do the skype lessons, I have to refund the missed lessons on the next invoice, so it’s not worth relaxing at home when I could keep some of the work going for the ones that still want to keep the lessons going.

This gives me hope for when we have snow days, or flooded days, if this works.

It’s starting to be heart warming to see people respond in positive ways, like the italians singing in their balconies, and this morning seeing a singer who’s first european tour has been cancelled, doing a live social media tour, it is just inspiring.

Stay safe and stay positive 🙂