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This song has been written as an educational piece for Drums, Guitar, Bass and Ukulele. I made it for my students to learn and I am sharing it online for everyone else too. I created the piece in Guitar Pro 7, which is a great way to learn and practice this because you can mute insruments and change the speed and even change parts if you like.

This blues song is played straight, without swing. There are drum beats and fills in the piece in keeping with the blue style. You could solo the drums and bass on it’s own to practice locking in with the bass – making sure the bass drum syncs up with the bass guitar when ever they are played together.

12 Bar Blues

The pattern of the 12 bar blues usually follows a pattern of chord changes, so these changes are good places for crash cymbals, or for basing your beats and fills around. This is the pattern of bars where the main chord changes take place: 4,2,2,1,1,1,1.

This is the pattern for guitarists:

/  /  /

IV I  /


Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Lyrics

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