Free PDF download: 10 Basic Skip Beats with 16ths – 40 Skip Beats and Fills Exercises.

This free PDF download includes 10 basic skip beats, with 16th note hi hats. They do get a little tricky towards the end. The two basic beats sheets should be mastered (or at least not a real struggle) before moving on to the rest of the skip beats book, because it does get harder (there is some basic stuff too). You can also play these with 8th note hi hats, which is a lot easier.

Here is a video showing you how to play all 10 of these drum beats:

As the video shows, you should aim for a RLRL pattern with the sticks (opposite for left handers), and therefore play the back beat snares with the right hand on beats 2 and 4, and any skip beat snares with the left hand (on the e or the a, if you are counting 1 e + a 2 e + a…). You should bring the left arm underneath or to the left of the right hand (depending on your drum set up positioning) to play the skip beats.

I would also recommend to play each beat a lot more than 2 times each! If you are doing these types of beats for the first time, you might like to break down each beat into sections. One way of doing this is to break down the bar into 4 sections and just play each section seperately (e.g. each section lasts for 1 beat). Nail each beat of the bar and then try to glue a couple of beats together. There are a few combinations like play beats 1 and 2 together, or 2 and 3 together for example. You could also practice looping the beats for a while and you could practice with various metronome speeds. You can also play ghost notes on any of the skip beat snares not on beats 2 and 4.

View the full book: