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Here is page 7 inside the book (40 Beats and Fills Exercises Book 2). This sheet includes 4 drum beat and drum fill exercises with stepped hi hats on all 4 beats of the bar. The right hand is playing the ride cymbal and the left foot is playing the stepped hi hat (reverse if left handed).

Video Demonstration

As I say in the video, remember to always read a little bit ahead or glance to see what’s coming up when you are playing so you don’t get caught out by the drum fills. Reading and playing music is similar to driving a car. You need to drive the bit of the road that you are on (i.e. the current bar), but you also need to look ahead to see if there are any hazards (e.g. accents, drags, ghost notes, drum fills, complicated drum beats), drastic changes in the road such as a sharp corner (e.g. section changes), signs for a complicated junction (e.g. 1st and second time repeats), or for road diversions (e.g. D.S. al Coda).

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