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Here is Exercise Sheet 7 from 40 Beats and Fills Exercises Book 2.

This sheet only has 2 exercises because we have doubled the length to 8 bars. The structure is 7 bars of drum beats, with a 1 bar fill on bar 8, and then repeat. We are also adding in a short drum fill at the end of bar 4. Short drum fills in music help to break up repetative beats and sections and add a bit of interest to the music.

Exercise 1 is all on the hi hat and has plenty of open hi hats here and there to watch out for. Exercise 2 starts on the ride cymbal with stepped hi hats on all 4 beats of the bar, and then switches to the hi hats on bars 5-7 for some practice of switching your lead hand between the hi hat and ride.

Video Demonstration for Sheet 7

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