Following on from the Grade 1-3 Drum Lesson Warm Up posted recently, and the intermediate drum warm-up Part 1 for drummers that have reached a higher level of ability (about Grade 4-6 +), here is the second part of the Intermediate drum warm up.

This second part of the warm up consists of stylistic exercise, including Swing in 4/4, Swing in 3/4, Jazz and metal. This is a continuation from part 1 where on exercise 3 there was a funk rock exercise.

Free PDF Sheet Music:

Intermediate Drum Warm-Up PDF

Exercise 4 – 8th Note Swing in 4/4.

The snare drums with brackets around are ghost notes, which means small quiet taps on the snare drum about 1-2 inches from the snare head. These beats and fills could be heard in musicals or swing bands for example.


Exercise 5 – 8th Note Swing in 3/4

These beats and fill again could be heard in musicals, swing bands, and also in Jazz.

Exercise 6 – Jazz

The ghost note snares and bass drums on the 4th bar are what you might play if you were comping. Here is a video that goes into great detail about comping:

Exercise 6 Jazz Warm up

Exercise 7 – Metal

This exercise is a good warm up for anyone and only needs a single bass drum pedal (kick pedal). It’s sort of an introduction to blast beats. You can learn more here in this video: